Fire Express Wedge

Fire Express Wedge

Exclusively Made for Wedge Play
with incomparable club face control

The Fire Express Wedge is the ultimate wedge shaft for your short game. The face turn and toe down throughout the swing is effectively controlled without excessive rigidity of the tip. This model helps the wedge head return to the addressed angle so that players can manage different trajectories and distances from various lies. You can make low trajectory spinning shots or lob shots with a relaxed and compact swing.

Fire Express Wedge 115

Fire Express WEDGE

Flex Length
Tip Dia.*
Butt Dia.
115 S 902 / 35.5 118 1.7 9.18 15.60
120 X 120 1.6 15.70


※Length of parallel tip: 40mm (Note: Tip diameter is measured before coating)

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